Uniqueness prevailed throughout with a fresh filmy experience : Tharangam Review

The recent movie talks and buzz revolved around talented Dominic Arun’s debut movie Tharangam that had graced screens today. The movie stars youth icon Tovino Thomas and Balu Varghese in lead roles. Theaters all over the state showed immense response for the film opening to be a good release.

The movie is filled with fantasy elements which comes hand-in-hand with a innovative and soothing script. In whole the director makes sure that the viewer gets a different treatment and a great theater experience.

The movie opens up with Padmanabhan (Tovino Thomas) and Joy (Balu Varghese) two police officers who upon their superior’s instruction takes up a risky mission to locate and report about the smugglers of a particular locality. The later part describes how the two manages to proceed forward with the mission taking on the odds coming against them. The climax resembling the old-fashioned Priyadarshan, Siddique- Lal versions upto a mark gives the audience a thrilling cinematic feel.

The movie which introduces lots of characters links each one of them in one way or the other. And therefore a round loud of applause goes to the director himself and his scripting duo Anil Narayanan. The story line takes a giant leap forward af the begining of the second half, leaving no traces of the first session.

On the performance side, Tovino Thomas and Balu Varghese has given a top notch act as Padmanabhan and Joy. Their combination scenes were filled with comedy and thrill. The female leads Santhy Balachandran and Neha Iyer too had put up a brilliant performance apt to the instances. Apart from them Manoj K Jayan, Saiju Kurup, Sijoy Varghese, Shammi Thilakan and Dileesh Pothen had also played their parts well.

On the technical side, Deepak D Menon’s photography was highly engaging and upto the mark, a movie like Tharangam filled with such a lot of vibrant shades correctly needed Deepak. Ashwin Renju’s musical bits kept the movie on track and is well appreciated.

Tharangam as mentioned on top is truly a fresh filmy experience showcasing pakka unique elements. A good debut by director Dominic Arun stating his level of high-class movie thinking ability. The perfect time for Dhanush’s Wunderbar films to begin it’s reign in Mollywood. A paisa vasool entertainer released this season that you could watch with your family and dear ones.

Uniqueness prevailed throughout with a fresh filmy experience : Tharangam Review

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