Magical ‘Parava’ : How simple concepts turn-out to be top class filmy elements!

For a while the clouds have been showering mercilessly all over the state. As another Thursday passes through movie addicts had been eagerly waiting to witness Parava begin it’s flight in style. As predicted; theaters all over the region were flooded with film audience no matter the early morning drizzle. Soubin Shahir – Dulquer Salmaan – Anwar Rasheed trio is enough and more guarantee for a film lover to book a FDFS ticket for Parava.

To start with, Soubin began his career working as an assistant and associate to leading directors long back. After establishment as a successful actor lately Soubin switches himself into a new role with Parava. His debut directorial has been grandly received by the audience and positive feedbacks are doing the talk everywhere.

The movie is set on the outskirts of Mattancherry. Opening with the lives of Irshad and Haseeb, two boys enjoying themselves competing with the others in the pigeon races takes the plot forward. The first half progresses focusing on their love for ‘Paravas’ alongside their school life. Apart from the two boys an important character Shane played by actor Shane Nigam is also lightly shown as the movie opens. Later the flick drives through a beautiful flashback and then tells how things changed in the lives of some.

Parava can be categorized into three phases: the lives of Haseeb and Irshad and their love for pigeons, a bunch of youngsters and their bonding, their parents who are hardworking and have immense love for their children.

Dulquer Salmaan though playing an extended cameo role won the hearts of each and every audience. He is seen with the youngsters bunch alongside Shane Nigam, Gregory Jacob, Arjun Asokan and so. Shine Tom Chacko is seen with a negative tint throughout the film. Siddique, Harisree Ashokan, Indrans, Srinda, Jafer Idukki, etc. has also given a class act throughout.

Dulquer’s screen presence is the key element in the flick; his sound modulation, realistic act and pleasing charm needs a loud round of applause! Shane Nigam glitters too by the climax and in the flashback scenes.

Rex Vijayan’s musical euphoria is an absolute wonder! The electrifying background score and the climax bit gives goosebumps to the viewer. Apart from that Littil Swayamp’s photography brilliance and Praveen Prabhakaran’s class cuts shone brightly throughout.

This feel good – lively movie is surely a must watch for families out there. Maybe the best one released this season. Kudos director Soubin Shahir! You have not just shown the real values hidden in movies but have also proved that simple concepts can easily be transformed into top class film stuff!


Magical ‘Parava’ : How simple concepts turn-out to be top class filmy elements!

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